Hello there!

My name is Clarise Sauls, I am thirteen, and I live in Kalispell, Montana with my five year old sister, Eden.  When Eden was born, my mother thought it would be funny to name her the Beast, and I, CC, which led to other nicknames and weird songs and – well you get the picture.

Honestly, it all started with my mom.  She came up with our nicknames (which evolved into my company name), fueled my creativity, and supported me through the process.

I grew up in a sewing room with my single mother.  Well, not literally, but my fondest memories of my childhood are sitting on the floor sewing random fabric scraps together, folding paper in various directions, or painting pictures of us riding on the backs of dinosaurs.  All this while my mother sewed quilts and fairy wands to make a living. This is where my addiction to all things artsy began.

When I was about five I began to show interest in cooking as well.  I would help my mom make dinner on most occasions.  My friend and I would make cooking videos and have cooking challenges.  I was really interested in pairing different ingredients and using my imagination to create edible novelties.  I was willing to experiment with anything you gave me, which ,then again, broadened my creativity.

“My kitchen is for dancing.”


All the while I was pulled out of public school at second grade and began homeschooling.  I joined a local homeschooling group and made tons of new friends.

When I was eight my mom got married and opened a children’s store.  I then proceeded to create little things to sell in the store, such as little tooth pillows and dresses for Barbie dolls.

After three and a half years of homeschooling I went to the middle school for sixth grade.  Sixth grade was a hard year; full of mean girls, teachers who weren’t my favorite, and struggle with my best friend.  I was also having a hard time with my biological father, who for the last thirteen years has been dropping in and out of my life whenever he chooses.

“You’re feeling burnt out and discouraged,

but you’ve made it this far

and I think that’s really brave.”


I then returned to my homeschooling group for seventh grade.  I was happy to reunite with old friends, but at the same time I wasn’t happy.  The topic of religion and it being a very religious group was becoming very stressful for me.  Everyday I felt as if I was having to be someone I’m not.  In my school work I was having to answer questions that I didn’t know how to answer or didn’t feel comfortable answering, because I wasn’t part of this religion and wasn’t familiar with it.

Half way through the year I returned to the middle school to finish the year off with good teachers, some iffy friendships, and a place where I know I can go back to.

In my seventh grade year I have also found how I wish to use my creativity in the future; when I grow up I would like to become a historical fashion designer.  I have always been fascinated with history (I wrote a two paragraph essay on the Assignation of Abraham Lincoln for extra credit in History class 😂).  I then continued to watch numerous BBC shows (❤️The Paradise being my favorite❤️), noticing how beautiful the outfits were and how they changed overtime.  I then came up with historical fashion designer; a way I could use both my passions in creating and designing costumes from the past.

“Don’t half-ass anything

Whatever you do,

always use your full ass.”


In the mix of this crazy life, I made some feather earrings out of washi tape for mom as an Easter gift.  She loved them!  I then made some for myself, receiving compliments and likes from many people.  I have had a few people from out of town have me send them pairs.  Making things has always been my passion, and I love to see someone enlightened over a handmade item, as it brings me mounds of joy☺️!  Hey, maybe you will find a pair you love!

Thank you for holding up and listening to my story.  I am so thankful for you all and your support and inspiration and I hope you enjoy your earrings!!

Also a last big thanks to my mom – the beautiful woman who has given me happiness, inspiration, hope, and more then I could ever ask for. ❤️ ❤️

“I am building a house

Where the floor is made up of strength

Where the walls are crafted of ambition

Where the roof is a masterpiece of forgiveness

I am building myself.”

                                                                                                 -Noor Unnahar

Love and Wishes,

Clarise Sauls


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